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Business parks

For years NDIX has been known as a party that is closely involved with local businesses and that is aware of what is going on in the region. By connecting to our optical fiber network, businesses can be sure of an optimal connection that is ready for the future.

The NDIX network on business parks is directly available to SMEs. Many local ICT service providers also use our network to provide connectivity to their customers.

NDIX medewerker die zorgt voor optimale digitale connectiviteit

Central link in connectivity

The world is digitizing at a rapid pace. More and more devices are equipped with an internet connection and are capable of  communication with each other, such as security systems, sensors or thermostats. This creates a growing flow of data traffic. Optical fiber gives you the fastest and most reliable connection, ensuring that you are ready for the future.

As NDIX we are not a service provider, we focus solely on optimizing the NDIX network. We monitor this 24/7 with our own Network Operations Center. Through our customer portal, you can choose from the wide range of services offered by our partners, such as Internet, telephony and cloud services.

ICT service providers are happy to use the NDIX network to connect their customers and advise them on their choice of service provider. With our free VLANs, multiple customers can be connected easily and quickly.

Why choose NDIX?

  • Corporate connectivity for every industry
  • Highly reliable private network, guaranteeing your business continuity
  • We are located in the Netherlands, Germany and beyond. Your business network can also be set up across borders.
  • In our customer portal you can easily arrange all matters regarding your connection, find information and determine yourself which provider or customer you want to connect with
  • You can choose from more than 140 service providers connected to our network.
  • Own NOC (Network Operations Center) with 24/7 accessibility and support
  • High quality and clear SLA
  • MPLS redundant network
  • Costless VLANs not overbooked (1:1)
  • Independent and personal advice based on relevant market knowledge