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Create more insights and control

Customer Portal

Curious about the possibilities of a NDIX connection at your location? Or are you already a customer and do you want more insight in your contract or request a new VLAN?

With an account on our customer portal, you have an overview of your information and can manage everything concerning your connection quickly and easily. Even if you are not yet a NDIX customer, it is possible to create an account and use the functionalities of the customer portal, such as our ZIP Code Check.

All your possibilities at a glance

The ZIP Code Check

Wondering if NDIX can provide a connection at your location? You can easily check via the ZIP Code Check. After entering your postal code, you will immediately see the available bandwidths, quality, monthly costs, one-off costs and last-mile carrier. Select the suitable option(s) for your organisation and request a quote immediately. For addresses outside the Netherlands, simply use the postcode tool to request a price from our sales department.

Create insight into your connection

Contract overview

In the customer portal, you can easily retrieve your contracts and get an instant overview of all important information, including status, contract start date, port numbers, linked contacts, technical information and a dynamic overview of traffic over your connection. This allows you to instantly see the performance of your connection. In addition to this information, you can easily request a (new) VLAN from your contract overview.

Directly contact more than 120 service providers

Service Providers Overview

With a NDIX connection, you have access to a wide range of service providers, available to your company through the NDIX network. Want to find out which services deliver on your connection and find a solution that suits your organisation? Compare the different service providers in our overview, filter by categories of services relevant to your organisation and easily contact service providers to request services.

No account on our customer portal yet, but curious which services can be delivered over a NDIX connection? Via this page you can view the service provider overview, even without an account. To contact service providers, you do need an account on our customer portal.

Making new connections

Request a VLAN

On our customer portal, you can establish connections with other locations to link business locations or purchase ICT services, for example. NDIX establishes these connections with a VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) between two parties. Having VLANs configured is free of charge for NDIX customers. However, other financial conditions may apply to third-party linked networks. Keep a close eye on whether this is indeed the case when requesting a desired link.