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NDIX explains VLAN's. Op de achtergrond is een groen verlichte switch te zien.
NDIX Explains: VLANs
29 June 2022

Virtual Local Area Network, also known as VLAN, is a term associated with the services provided by NDIX. With an NDIX connection, it is possible...

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NDIX explains OSI-model. Op de achtergrond staan blauw verlichte glasvezels
NDIX Explains: OSI-Model
20 January 2022

When talking about a network and sending data from one location to another, the OSI model usually comes up. This Open Systems Interconnection model shows...

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NDIX EXPLAINS - Termen & afkortingen
NDIX Explains: Terms and Abbreviations
22 July 2021

When choosing a network, many technical terms fly by to show what sets a network apart from the others. Understandably, not everyone is familiar with...

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NDIX and TOPFIT: a medical top collaboration
16 February 2021

TOPFIT Citizenlab is a Twente-based collaboration between healthcare professionals, scientists, businesses and citizens with the aim of coming up with technological innovations in the field...

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The pathway also determines data sovereignty
20 November 2020

NDIX is one of the first thirteen participants to form the Dutch Cloud Infrastructure Coalition (CiC). The CiC was established to ensure that entrepreneurs from...

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