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Relined Fiber Network acquires NDIX
30 August 2023

Relined Fiber Network, the provider of fibre connections in north-western Europe, is acquiring NDIX. The acquisition will give Relined and NDIX a solid foundation for...

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NDIX explains VLAN's. Op de achtergrond is een groen verlichte switch te zien.
NDIX Explains: VLANs
29 June 2022

Virtual Local Area Network, also known as VLAN, is a term associated with the services provided by NDIX. With an NDIX connection, it is possible...

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NDIX explains OSI-model. Op de achtergrond staan blauw verlichte glasvezels
NDIX Explains: OSI-Model
20 January 2022

When talking about a network and sending data from one location to another, the OSI model usually comes up. This Open Systems Interconnection model shows...

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NDIX EXPLAINS - Termen & afkortingen
NDIX Explains: Terms and Abbreviations
22 July 2021

When choosing a network, many technical terms fly by to show what sets a network apart from the others. Understandably, not everyone is familiar with...

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NDIX and TOPFIT: a medical top collaboration
16 February 2021

TOPFIT Citizenlab is a Twente-based collaboration between healthcare professionals, scientists, businesses and citizens with the aim of coming up with technological innovations in the field...

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