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Working together on connectivity

NDIX Partners

We help our partners to purchase connectivity quickly, easily and reliably in order to serve their end customers with innovative ICT services. With our free VLANs you can connect your customers and services through the NDIX network. By scaling up your bandwidth, your growth is unlimited!

Become part of the NDIX network

We are there for our partners

Our partners are very diverse; IT and communication related companies. Many partners use the NDIX network as an extension of their own network. Partners choose a reliable party that allows them to deliver their services to end customers in the simplest way possible. Thanks to our transparent model you know in advance exactly what you are getting, without all kinds of complicated technical models or data channels being involved. We do this in cooperation with the best fiber partners, striving for a fair price for each connection.

NDIX team werkt aan connectiviteit met partners

How does it work?

Living and working is hugely dependent on digital services and connectivity and this will only increase in the future. We optimize and maximize the availability of secure digital connectivity. We do this for and between companies and institutions in the Netherlands and Germany. Anyone who does business with us gains access to the high-quality NDIX network.

Access to the NDIX network can be obtained in different ways:

  • IT and communication companies can purchase an NDIX NNI (Network-to-Network Interface). This port gives you access to the NDIX network and allows you to provide any connected party with your own ICT services.
  • IT and communication companies can purchase services from one (or more) partner(s) connected to the NDIX network.
  • End customers can use their NDIX connection or data center port to access the NDIX network and purchase services from the registered service providers.
Partner samenwerking

What type of partner are you?

Becoming a partner of NDIX is possible in a number of ways. But in all cases, with NDIX you are choosing a reliable partner with the most up-to-date knowledge. Knowledge that we would like to share with you so that you can optimally serve your customers.

Wholesale partner

As a service provider you want to be the one-stop shop for your end customers. You can easily reach all your customers in the Netherlands and Germany through the NDIX network. Together we can identify your market opportunities and potential for a successful partnership. Based on that, we will jointly determine our goal. The end customers have a contractual relationship with you as a wholesale partner. This partnership assures you of competitive rates for your connections. We also support you in the area of marketing with joint marketing actions and campaigns.

Reseller / Advisor

As an ICT specialist you know the needs of your customer like no one else. Security and reliability usually play a major role in this. By using the NDIX network you can offer a solution to any type of customer. As a reseller or consultant, you do not need to conclude contracts yourself, because NDIX enters into these directly with the end customer. We support you in your activities with our years of knowledge and expertise and with joint marketing actions and campaigns.

Zakelijk glasvezel service

Reasons to become a partner

  • Access to our cross-border network
  • MPLS redundant network
  • VLANs non overbooked (1:1)
  • Offer your own services to over 4,000 end customers
  • Independent personal advice for customer requests
  • Check the connection options for new customers quickly and easily in our portal with our zip code tool
  • Large variety of connected networks
  • Optimal reliability and service provided by our own NOC (Network Operations Center) with 24/7 accessibility and support
  • High quality and clear SLA
  • Business connectivity for every industry
  • High quality standards and business continuity