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Solutions for optimal Digital Connectivity

With the NDIX digital platform you choose the speed of optical fiber, unlimited bandwidth, a highly reliable network and our personal service. Digital connectivity in which quality, speed and reliability are priorities.


How does it work?

Living and working are hugely dependent on digital services and connectivity. In the future this will only increase. With our connectivity solutions, you ensure that your company is digitally ready for the future!

Connecting business locations

Do you have multiple business locations in the Netherlands and anywhere else in the world? Multiple locations that work together? Connect the different locations with a optical fiber connection from NDIX to create a single super-fast and secure business network. This allows you to set up the ICT infrastructure centrally and all employees to work on the same server. Data can be shared securely and easily between different locations.

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Cloud Connectivity

Make your cloud services an integral part of your ICT infrastructure quickly and easily. Your business network is connected over the secure NDIX network to the services of cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Alibaba, Oracle, Salesforce and SAP. That is NDIX Cloud Connect: safe, secure and fast.

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Datacenter Connectivity

Do you have equipment located in one or more data centers? Do you want to create a redundant ring or a second backup location for greater business security? Or do you want to connect to another provider as a service provider in another data center? For this, NDIX can provide the backbone for your IT organization between your business network and the data centers where your equipment is located. With Ultra High bandwidths!

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Started as a traditional Internet Exchange, NDIX still offers peering across our entire network. This peering VLAN is available at all our marketplace locations for automatic peering through our route server.

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