Next Level Connectivity

Almost every company is connected to a digital network. With an NDIX connection you have access to our network of partners who offer ICT services and you can be sure of a connection that is prepared for the future. Next Level Connectivity, in every area.

Through our customer portal you can choose from the wide range of services offered by our partners. This gives you complete flexibility in your choices. NDIX is not a service provider itself, but we focus entirely on expanding and optimizing our network. In doing so, we use the most advanced equipment. We manage the network with our own Network Operations Center, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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We have changed our services. From now on, VLANs can be requested easily and quickly via the customer portal.


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Our service providers

Click here for an overview of all service providers that are connected to the NDIX network. An updated interactive overview of our service providers will be available on this page soon.


NDIX aims for Next Level

The success of the NDIX network is based on four pillars that together form the foundation of our company. Through our years of experience we know better than anyone what opportunities and threats there are in the field of connectivity. In the videos shown below, our employees explain what this means for our customers.


Next Level Infrastructure

The NDIX network represents high reliability and security thanks to our own Network Operations Center.

Next Level Security

Security means working securely in the Cloud in addition to optimal security of our own network.

Next Level Service

Our employees are happy to speak with you personally, to help you whenever you want.

Next Level Knowledge

For more than 20 years we have been active in the fiber optic industry. We are happy to share the knowledge and experience we have gained with you!

Check out the individual pages for our Next Level aspects here!

Solutions for optimal digital connectivity

Is a secure and reliable network connection critical to your business operations? Do you want to be prepared for the future to grow and innovate? Start with the best foundation for optimal connectivity.

Standortvernetzung für Ihr Unternehmen

Heb je meerdere bedrijfslocaties in Nederland en waar ook ter wereld? Meerderde vestigingen die met elkaar samenwerken? Verbind de verschillende locaties met elkaar met een glasvezelverbinding van NDIX tot één supersnel en veilig bedrijfsnetwerk. Zo kun je de ICT-infrastructuur centraal inrichten en kunnen alle medewerkers op dezelfde server werken. Data kan veilig en makkelijk gedeeld worden tussen verschillende vestigingen.

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Maak je clouddiensten snel en eenvoudig integraal onderdeel van je ICT-infrastructuur. Je bedrijfsnetwerk wordt over het veilige NDIX-netwerk verbonden met de diensten van cloudproviders zoals Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Alibaba, Oracle, Salesforce en SAP. Dat is NDIX Cloud Connect: veilig, zeker en snel.

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Konnektivität von Rechenzentren

Heb je apparatuur in één of meerdere datacenters staan? Wil je een redundante ring maken of een tweede back-up locatie voor meer bedrijfszekerheid? Of wil je als dienstaanbieder in een ander datacenter connecteren met een andere aanbieder? Hiervoor kan NDIX de backbone van jouw IT organisatie leveren tussen je bedrijfsnetwerk en de datacenters waar jouw apparatuur staat. Met bandbreedtes tot 100 GB!

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Begonnen als traditionele Internet Exchange biedt NDIX nog altijd peering op ons hele netwerk. Dit peering VLAN is op al onze marktplaatslocaties beschikbaar voor automatisch peeren via onze routeserver.

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Get to know our customer portal

An NDIX connection puts you in control of your connectivity. Our client portal makes it easy for you to arrange a new connection, request quotations and keep track of your current contract(s). The login button at the top of the menu bar will take you quickly to your personal login page.

Even if you do not have an NDIX connection (yet), we would like to show you how our customer portal works. Use the login button to register and convince yourself of the ease of doing business with us. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us!


NDIX represents openness, quality and reliability

Do you have multiple business locations in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the world? Multiple locations that work together?

NDIX enables you to connect these different locations with a fibre-optic connection to a single, super-fast and reliable business network.

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