NDIX connects businesses in the Netherlands and Germany to its network using optical fiber connections. This allows them to connect to each other, to link offices and/or to collaborate. They can also make use of a broad and competitive range of ICT services from more than 140 Dutch and German suppliers. We realize reliable and secure connections that are proactively managed 24/7 by our own NOC.




Compare your IT environment to a house. You want to feel safe at home and be able to lock it down properly when you’re not there. Do you do the same with your network? Probably not. And you’re not the only one. The internet belongs to everyone. We can connect and share information at lightning speed, yet many IT environments are poorly secured. Sometimes the proverbial front door is actually wide open. Just like at home, it only takes one person with the wrong intentions to come along and see such an open door as an opportunity.

Nowadays, we are enormously dependent on digital services and connectivity. In the future, this will become even more important for everyone and in all industries. The growth of the economy and developments in society go hand in hand with the use of digital services that depend on a solid infrastructure. They reinforce each other over and over again.

At the moment, it is unfortunately still often the norm that the network is open, until a situation arises in which, in response, the network is closed. At NDIX, we see that reversing this attitude not only brings many practical benefits, but also a sense of freedom. You can feel digitally secure again and you are in control of who you give access to. At NDIX you always speak to people with expertise. At every level. We continue to improve our services. Based on the wishes of our customers, developments in legislation and our own vision of the future of IT. If you have a question, with us you ‘just’ get a person on the line. No complicated selection menus or long waiting times. Quick action with short lines of communication is a working method that suits us and our clients best.

Kantoor van NDIX in Enschede

Anywhere and anytime

Although NDIX operates primarily in the Netherlands and Germany, it is possible to get an NDIX connection anywhere in the world. We are happy to serve you and solve your problems through our offices in Enschede and Münster. A secure connection everywhere and at all times: that is our promise to our customers. Curious about what we can do for you? Get in touch with us!

twee collega's zijn aan het werk achter hun computer

The employees of NDIX

Our promises are delivered by an ambitious and hard-working team of employees who do their best every day to give the user the best possible experience. From our NOC to the sales department and from the automation department to the marketing department, we work towards this goal.


Shareholder NDIX

NDIX has become part of Relined Fiber Network. This acquisition enables us to offer our customers and partners even more options in the Netherlands, Germany and beyond. With the combination of Relined Fiber Network and NDIX, together we can offer an even stronger and more resilient infrastructure, allowing us to continue supporting our customers and partners with leading connectivity solutions.

Glasvezel connectiviteit in Duitsland

NDIX in Germany

Ever since NDIX was founded in 2001, we have been closely connected to optical fiber in Germany. With the GigabitCities brand, NDIX connects several German cities to the fast and secure optical fiber network of NDIX. From our office in Münster, we ensure that German companies also experience the many benefits of optical fiber. For more information about the German side of NDIX, please visit our German website.

Our network on the map

With more than 110 Points of Presence (PoP) in the Netherlands and Germany, NDIX offers redundant connections in both countries that let you experience the future of business operations.

Het NDIX team verbindt met elkaar

Want to join this wonderful team as well?

Are you looking for an employer who gives you plenty of room to contribute, where you can constantly develop yourself and where there is also plenty of time for relaxation besides hard work? Who knows, we might see you as our new colleague soon! Check out our “Work at” page now!