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Experience superfast data connectivity like
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Explore endless possiblilties!


Increased Bandwidth

Moving to a High Capacity connection provides a significant increase in bandwidth compared to lower-speed options. This expanded bandwidth allows businesses to handle higher volumes of data and support more users, applications, and services simultaneously. It ensures smoother and faster data transfers, resulting in improved productivity and user experience.

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Improved Performance

Higher bandwidth translates into improved network performance. A Ultra-High Capacity connection reduces latency, enhances responsiveness, and minimizes data transfer delays. Real-time applications like video conferencing, cloud-based collaboration tools, and live streaming benefit from faster and more reliable data transmission.

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The scalability of a Ultra-High Capacity connection is advantageous for businesses anticipating growth or experiencing frequent spikes in network traffic. It provides ample room for expanding operations, accommodating additional users, locations, and supporting new services. Upgrade to 100 Gbit/s to scale your network infrastructure effortlessly as your business evolves. Moreover, for even higher capacity needs, speeds up to 400+ Gbit/s are also available to cater to the most demanding network requirements.

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Grow With Your Business

As businesses generate and consume more data, the need for greater bandwidth becomes critical. With a Ultra-High Capacity connection, you can meet the increasing data demands of modern applications, cloud services, and multimedia content without experiencing performance bottlenecks. Future-proof your network infrastructure to handle evolving data requirements seamlessly.

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Embrace the potential of a Ultra-High Capacity connection from NDIX for your business, propelling you into a new era of high-speed connectivity. With increased bandwidth, effortlessly handle data demands and accommodate growing users and applications. Upgrade to stay ahead of the competition, supporting data-intensive operations and enjoying smoother, faster data transfers.

Scale your infrastructure seamlessly as your business grows, integrating new locations, services, and users. Benefit from enhanced performance and reduced latency, meeting the demands of real-time applications and providing superior services to your customers. Demonstrate a commitment to technological advancement and position your business for success. Unleash the unrivaled speed, scalability, and performance of a High Capacity connection and EXPLORE ENDLESS POSSIBLITIES!







 Technical Specs

  • WDM
    • Supported Ethernet Speeds: 1, 10, 40, 100, 400G Ethernet and beyond
    • Dedicated Bandwith
    • Jumbo Frames Supported
    • P2P Connectivity
    • Redundancy
  • MPLS
    • 1 up to 50G Ethernet
    • Layer 2 VLAN’s
    • Q-in-Q Tunneling Supported
    • Jumbo Frames Supported
    • Tagged or Untagged Options Available
    • Redundancy


  • WDM
    • Almost all data centers are available for high-capacity connections
    • The entire NDIX Network is ready for high-capacity connections on demand
    • DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) possible at Customer Sites
  • MPLS
    • The entire NDIX Network is ready for high-capacity Ethernet
    • Almost all data centers are available for high-capacity connections
    • MPLS Customer Premises Equipment Available


  • WDM
    • Datacenter Interconnect
    • Backbone Services
    • Bulk Transit/Peering Traffic
    • Site-to-Site Connections
    • Private Cloud Connectivity
    • Large Backup Synchronization
  • MPLS
    • Datacenter Interconnect
    • Peering
    • Point-to-Point
    • Point-to-Multipoint Connections
    • Private LAN
    • Redundant Cloud Connectivity (including: Amazon AWS, Google, Azure, Oracle, IBM, Alibaba, Salesforce, Cloudflare and more)
    • ISP Service Port


  • WDM
    • Fixed Low Latency
    • Predictable Jitter
    • Managed Solution
    • High Bandwidth Capacity
    • Optional Encryption
    • Premium SLA (4H response time)
    • 24/7 In-House Optical Support Team
    • Dedicated Wavelength
  • MPLS
    • Automatic Redundancy with Multiple Paths
    • Flexible Setup Options
    • Support for Multiple Services per Port
    • Multiple SLA Options
    • Connectivity to 100+ Service Providers
    • 3000+ Customers Connected
    • Dedicated 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC)
    • Private Layer 2 Network