Peering - NDIX


Started as a traditional Internet Exchange, NDIX still offers peering across our entire network. This peering VLAN is available at all our marketplace locations for automatic peering through our route server.

Internet peering

Internet peering is the exchange of Internet traffic without charging fees to one another. It is used among others by ISPs, telecom companies, VoIP operators, carriers, media and content companies.

  • Peering significantly reduces internet costs and improves both quality (accessibility and speed) and reliability
  • Peering can be used by any company or institution where service is provided through the Internet in any volume. These include ISPs, but also for example government agencies with their digital service desks

Public VLAN

NDIX, as a traditional Internet Exchange, offers a public Internet peering VLAN (ISP Unicast). The Internet peering VLAN is an Ethernet-based Unicast service, where both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported. The peering VLAN is monitored 24×7 by our NOC and has the same professional SLA as all other VLANs at NDIX. The peering VLAN of NDIX is offered at all our marketplace locations in the Netherlands and Germany.

We support public peering through our own route server, so you can automatically peer with all parties connected to our peering VLAN. There is no need to make separate agreements with each peering partner. Private peering, where you decide who you want to peer with, can be arranged by us through private VLANs.

Responsibilities of NDIX and the peering partner

  • NDIX is responsible for the functioning of the peering VLAN across its entire infrastructure
  • The client is responsible for peering with third parties and for the proper functioning of its own network
  • The client is responsible for housing its own equipment and for cabling between its own equipment and the NDIX ports
  • Our Network Operating Centre (NOC) monitors the operation of the peering VLAN 24×7
  • Problems can be reported directly to the NOC