Datacenter Connectivity - NDIX

Datacenter Connectivity

Do you have equipment located in one or more data centers? Do you want to create a redundant ring or a second backup location for greater business security? Or do you want to connect to another provider as a service provider in another data center? For this, NDIX can provide the backbone for your IT organization between your business network and the data centers where your equipment is located. With Ultra High bandwidths!

Datacenter Connectivity

NDIX can set up a secure connection to a data center for any connected business. Data can be stored there securely and off-line, entirely outside the Internet. These links are established by free VLANs. All you need is an NDIX port in every data center that needs to be linked.

Even if the company is hacked, these backup files remain unaffected. It is even possible to activate your connection to it only when the backup is made and then to close it again. Hackers who have broken into the company network and poke around cannot access these backups and do not know that this offline backup exists either.

Alternatively, we offer proprietary WDM channels between data centers.


NDIX levert next level connectivity ook via datacenter connectiviteit als zakelijke verbindingen

Conditions NDIX port in datacenter

  • Delivery is subject to available capacity
  • The contract term is 36 months
  • Port is excluding patching
  • Rates are valid in all datacenters where there is an NDIX location present