Next Level Security - NDIX

Digital Security
for our Customers

Digital security and reliability are indispensable for your organization. Therefore, we offer Next Level Security at NDIX.

Next Level Security at NDIX

Data plays a crucial role in your business operations, especially now that working from home has taken off. You want to be able to send and receive business data quickly and safely. Using the internet for this purpose means that there is always a chance of data leaks, despite the most advanced security measures.

NDIX is the central link between users and service providers. The NDIX network consists of its own equipment and is completely shielded from the outside world. You, the customer, decide with which external parties you want to share your data. Even working in the cloud is completely secure with NDIX’s Cloud Connect solution.

NDIX Cloud Connect

Dynamic cloud connectivity tailored to your needs

When it comes to using the cloud, NDIX also offers reliable solutions. In practice, many users choose VPN to access their cloud location. However, the disadvantage of VPN is that although it is encrypted and secure, there are still parties that have the key to the data ‘in the tunnel’. In addition, a user will never know what route the data will take between their own network and the cloud location. Using NDIX’s private network makes using the cloud a whole lot safer. The data route is fixed and can be monitored without having to use the public Internet.

Your business network is connected over the secure NDIX network to the services of cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Alibaba, Oracle, Salesforce and SAP. That’s NDIX Cloud Connect: safe, secure and fast. Send your business data easily between global locations. You get direct, ultra-low latency network access to the services you need. With NDIX Cloud Connect you can quickly and easily connect to any cloud provider worldwide.

Connect quickly and flexibly with and between different clouds. This is possible with NDIX Cloud Connect.

Therefore, Next Level Security at NDIX!

  • With a connection to the private network of NDIX, your data traffic remains entirely local and therefore safe.
  • Through our Cloud Connect solution, your data is also accessible from other locations.
  • Our own NOC proactively monitors the NDIX network 24/7.