Next Level Infrastructure - NDIX


Digital connectivity everywhere and for everyone. Therefore, Next Level Infrastructure at NDIX.

NDIX medewerker beheert het netwerk voor een optimale zakelijke glasvezelverbinding

Next Level Infrastructure at NDIX

The NDIX network stands for high reliability and security, because of our own Network Operations Center. This NOC consists of network engineers who are highly trained. All network aspects are monitored, expanded and configured by them in-house. We are not dependent on other parties for this, but have all the network knowledge available within NDIX, so that we can help you as quickly and effectively as possible. And if the problem is not caused by our equipment? We will still do our utmost to help you find a solution.

NDIX infrastructure zorgt voor connectiviteit

The NDIX broadband network: open and independent

NDIX is located in both the Netherlands and Germany and has a national network with approximately 90 locations in the Netherlands. Our network in Germany continues to grow rapidly and we are connecting new companies every day.

Our customers use our customer portal to decide for themselves which parties they want to be connected to. To purchase ICT services, or to provide them themselves. Fast, secure and flexible.

NDIX verbinding
Optimalisatie van de NDIX infrastructure

Therefore Next Level Infrastructure at NDIX

  • Access to our cross-border and open network
  • High speed and reliability of the network
  • Own NOC (Network Operations Center)
  • Expert assistance from dedicated staff
  • Independent and personal advice on complex connectivity issues