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16 February 2021

NDIX and TOPFIT: a medical top collaboration

TOPFIT Citizenlab is a Twente-based collaboration between healthcare professionals, scientists, businesses and citizens with the aim of coming up with technological innovations in the field of healthcare and health and to promote happiness and health. NDIX was able to help come up with solutions, and will proudly continue to do so in the coming years.

Medical issues such as arthritis, diabetes and informal care will be investigated by the Citizenlab. In the Netherlands, the aim is to have a population that can be kept healthy five years longer, with a central focus on the citizen themselves. This is because citizens consider it important to have autonomy when it comes to their own health. The term ‘positive health’ is also important here, which assumes that people have the ability to deal with life challenges and take their own direction. To this end, educational institutions, healthcare institutions, citizens and companies are mobilised to achieve this with a concept known as ‘citizen science’.

De role of NDIX

Initially, NDIX’s role was intended to be that of a partner in providing connections to the mobile labs that were to introduce citizens to new ICT tools in the field of healthcare. However, as the focus of the project shifted, NDIX’s role shifted with it. Pilots used ICT platforms to bring about ‘positive health’ among citizens, with NDIX providing expertise. This involves covering a wide range of healthcare topics so that more information can be processed.

Jeroen van der Lagemaat, director of NDIX, says regarding NDIX’s role within TOPFIT Citizenlab: ”NDIX is now working on the requirements and possibilities for such a platform, which connects citizens with scientists, but also citizens among themselves in order to communicate and collaborate on a wide range of healthcare topics. This means that besides ‘matchmaking’, ‘community building’ is also an important topic”.

“Citizen science, and certainly the way we want to use a trusted platform where citizens are in control of their own data, including that needed for care and health, I consider important for the future.”

About the future and usefulness of both the project and the concept of ‘citizen science’, Jeroen is optimistic: “Citizen science, and certainly the way we want to use a trusted platform where citizens are in charge of their own data, including that needed for care and health, I consider important for the future. Think about both safety and to improve care in terms of good cooperation between citizens and care experts. And sometimes innovative things don’t deliver anything, but without trying you certainly don’t get anywhere, and that’s important.”

Would you like to know more about TOPFIT Citizenlab?

You can find more informatio on the webiste of  the University of Twente and on the website of TOPFIT Citizenlab. TOPFIT Citizenlab also involves the following companies and agencies in addition to NDIX: University of Twente, Saxion Hogeschool, ROC van Twente, ZGT, Roessingh, DEMCON, Insights Improves, Stichting IkKanWelZijn, Lang Zult U Wonen, ROOT, Vitaal Twente, GGD Twente, 8ting.

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