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30 September 2020

Free glass fiber
in Münster

Thanks to a federal subsidy, companies in Münster can request a free connection to a glass fiber network. In the coming two years all business parks in the city of Münster will be connected to the glass fiber network on behalf of Stadt Münster. This way, Münster will become an even better "GigabitCity", which brings a multitude of interesting new possibilities for numerous companies. The fast digital infrastructure is becoming more important as a location factor.

The connection of the “GigabitCity” will be done by network exploitant NDIX, in collaboration with Stadt Münster, the investor Primevest Capital Partners and German Fiber Solution. The common goal: a fast, reliable and safe glass fiber connection for companies in Münster. Thanks to the support of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Water Management, which is part of the national broadbandstrategy of the German government, over 750 companies can get connected to the broadbandnetwork for free. The last few months showed how important connectivity is: The IT-supported “new way of working” has had major developments because of the corona pandemic.  “It is a fact that everything will be digital in the future, the basis for all of this is stable data-exchange with the speed of light”, emphasises Jeroen van de Lagemaat, managing director at NDIX. An interesting concomitant: this is about more than just fast internet access. Thanks to the so called “Next Generation Access (NGA)-network” we can also provide reliable and most importantly safe connections, independantly from the internet (world wide web) .

Proven model

For the business parks Loddenheide and technologypark in Münster the future has already started. Companies there succesfully started using the high-speed glass fiber network “GigabitCity” since 2019, reaching a bandwith of 1Gbit/s (1.000 Mbit/s). One of these companies is the car-company  Berkemeier, who is very appreciative of the new possibilities of the network. The company is located in Greven, Münster and Steinfurt – all of them “GigabitCities”. Managing director Jan Berkemeier is grateful for the possibilities the network brings: “Digitalisation is a developing process. We do not claim to be a pioneer at any price in this respect. However, we want to pick up important trends and adopt meaningful concepts. In this context, we are interested in anything that makes work processes easier, enables savings, creates added value for our customers and is also proven to work. This is the case with the smooth workflow between Berkemeier branches. Based on modern infrastructure, almost all Berkemeier branches are already connected to each other.

Increased efficiency

Above all, it was important for the company to involve the entire staff in introducing the intranet. “Our employees were wonderfully supportive. They can now access the shared server in real time and share all relevant data with each other. Working with the system is completely uncomplicated. The central storage system makes us much faster. Many things are easier than before! It also offers more security. The risk of data loss is significantly reduced. Storage on employees’ computers was much more problematic in this respect,” Berkemeier concludes.

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